Oldest Bead & Mic-O-Say Store in the Greater Kansas City Area!   Since 1978

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11022 E. Winner Rd

Englewood Arts District

Independence, MO 64052

Phone 816-682-5622

Business Hours:

Monday through Saturday

12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM

Third Friday each month

12:00 Noon to 9:00 PM

Joni, passed 2013, Annie passed 2010, & Kara

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“Oldest Bead Shop”

in the Greater Kansas City Area 

Servicing our customers since 1978!


We are located in the Englewood Arts District, in Independence, Missouri 64052, at 11022 E. Winner Road. 1-1/2 blocks West of Sterling on the North side of E. Winner Road.  Three Trails is the oldest bead store in the Greater Kansas City area.  We are a full service bead,  jewelry making, teaching, and Mic-O-Say shop serving our customers since 1978! 

Three Trails Trading Post History

      The Trading Post was started by Ron & Vicki Stegner in 1978.  They wished to provide quality beads and items needed for regalia for the Mic-O-Say and Order of the Arrow programs in Boy Scouting.  They built a great business!   Kara Paris has owned the shop and serviced the community since 2001, continuing to provide quality beads, supplies, and  service.  Kara being a Teacher brought the jewelry classes to the Trading Post when she bought it in 2001.

Now a tribute to the girls that use to take care of the shop!  Mascouten and Saskatchewan, sister cats, are our resident mousers for 17 years, both passed in 2022!  Duchess is the smaller but bossier of the two dogs is haning in there. We have one boy in our lives, Baxter passed 2021. Annie the Black dog with Joni and Kara passed in 2010. We have another new boy Duke a black boxer/pitt mix, he is the new protector! All of these wonderful pets are taken care of by Dr. Davinne Glenn of the Veterinary Center of Liberty, visit their web site! 

Baxter passed 2021 & Dutchase


Passed 2022


Passed 2022